Sold in record time Realty Access Dividend Share

Research Property Group was proud to present 1 Realty Access subscriptions for sale on June 24 2017. Within hours we passed on to Realty access over 30 clients. One of which bought for the full asking price.   Realty Access...

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Australia’s property boom has already peaked, says UBS

Australian house prices and construction activity may have hit a peak, with investment bank UBS “calling the top” of the runaway market. “After housing activity rose consecutively for over four years, its...

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Investing in growing resorts

Whenever we invest, we want to invest in something that is on the up, not on the decline and this should pretty apparent. However, it is surprising how often people ‘miss the boat’ or start investing in something that has...

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Who are we?

New Nordic is a complete holiday company, and when we say ‘complete’ we truly believe that we are like no other in the world. We have tour operators/travel agents in Europe and Asia where we sell holidays to Thailand. Then...

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5 signs that property prices will keep declining in 2017

In Q2 2016, there were hopes among sellers and developers that property prices had bottomed out. After the big price drops in Q3 2016 however, and continued sluggishness in the past month, it seems apparent that we may not have...

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China’s Housing Market Isn’t in a Bubble After All

China’s housing market is starting to resemble a Bermuda triangle for economists: time and again the smartest forecasters wade in only to get it wrong. That’s the view of Larry Hu, head of China economics at...

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Northern Ireland Ghost Estate Purchased by the Housing Associate for £2.3m

One of Northern Ireland’s ghost estates has been completed and sold for £2.3m, just under 10 years after the property market crash, the developers have announced. Work on the Scotch Quarter in Carrickfergus started in 2008, but...

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Smart Real Estate Australia

Special Featured Estate agent in Australia. Smart Real Estate is a unique independent boutique real estate agency on the Gold Coast. As our clients have grown, so have we, but at all times we remain aware of our core values and...

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Business Address : Australia Square Level 33, 264 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000,

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