Fracinal vs Timeshare brochure

In the past several years, the term “shared ownership,” has been used increasingly as a catchall phrase to encompass timeshare, fractional ownership and even both types of destination clubs. At first glance, this seems quite logical and appealing.  Isn’t it nice to have these disparate ownership types classified under one...

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2 Subscriptions for Sale

Tri Tang Phuket Research Property Group is proud to present two Realty International subscriptions for sale. This is currently under offer. Realty International is part of the growing phenomenon. Product security consists of full trustee services with Escrow account.  It is rare that we see Subscriptions on the open market....

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Peninsula Papagayo

About the Hideaway Club Through collective ownership of exclusive holiday residences, The Hideaways Club combines luxury property investment with a luxury lifestyle. Since its inception, The Hideaways Club has grown steadily, largely through the recommendation of existing Members. The private investment Club like Realty Access...

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Fractional Ownership vs Timeshare

Despite the growing world-wide acceptance and popularity of fractional vacation home ownership, many members of the public still confuse it with timeshare. This is especially disappointing when a fractional developer presents a financing proposal to a banker, only to be informed that the institution does not lend to...

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Fractional ownership of suite at La Manga Golf Resort

La Manga Resort is well known and well established as a luxury destination in Southern Spain. A choice of golf courses, tennis, spa, several restaurants and a navette to the beach. La Manga are offering 1 – 4 weeks use, per year for a price of £12,000 per week, with no hidden costs or charges. Deeded ownership will give...

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