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New Nordic is a complete holiday company, and when we say ‘complete’ we truly believe that we are like no other in the world. We have tour operators/travel agents in Europe and Asia where we sell holidays to Thailand. Then locally in Thailand we have a construction company, a tourist accommodation service and many services attached including food and beverage outlets, massage shops, mini-marts etc
Over the last few years the company has grown astronomically. We have over 400 staff world wide and that number is increasing all the time as we add new buildings to the village.

It is New Nordics goal to build holiday villages around Thailand.

These villages will be complete with accommodation, shopping centers, food and beverage outlets, entertainment and much more. We intend to be able to offer all inclusive packages to holiday makers, whereby they can pay one price that includes their travel not only to Thailand but also within Thailand – their accommodation, their entertainment, and their food and drink etc.

We also intend to be able to offer these packages at many different budget types. We want to be there every step of the way starting with our tour operators around the world, it is our target to receive as much of their total holiday budget as possible.

We are going to do this by having 5 main departments to our company.

  • Construction
  • Tour operators/travel agencies
  • Accommodation service
  • Food and beverage
  • Retail

By not outsourcing anything that we do we are maximizing our profits.

Having our own construction company enables us to expand and develop, whilst keeping full control of time & quality and at a much lower cost than if we were to outsource.

Our tour operators are focused solely on selling Nordic holidays, which is very beneficial to keeping our occupancy rates high.

By running and servicing our own accommodation buildings again we are making huge savings by not having to book other hotels to accommodate our tourists.

Having multiple food, beverage and retail outlets also means that we a maximizing our potential to keep them spending their money with our company.

We intend to have multiple villages in different locations across Thailand’s leading holiday destinations.

The first buildings started being constructed in the year 2000, and now we are approaching 40 buildings completed. We have grown rapidly over the years, from initially building one project at a time, then as the company grew it was two projects at time and so forth.

We are now at the stage where we have ten or more buildings under construction at any one time with a building now reaching completion every month.In Pattaya we currently occupy an area larger than 80,000 sqm and we continue to invest in more land.

With a current workforce of over 400, we are expanding internationally with new offices opening in different countries all the time.

Every department of our business has exceeded our early expectations.

Our annual occupancy rates are over 60% another figure that is also rising.

We are well ahead of schedule in our plan and have now secured land for our second location in Koh Samui, where we will be starting construction soon.

As we mention above our business plan focuses on outside investment. We look for private investors to invest in our business.We have set up our company in such a way that we can offer much more favourable terms than you would normally get when investing into a company.

Unlike the usual way of investing into companies whereby you buy shares into a company and then hope for the share value to increase to make you profit and you might also receive dividends. The downside to this type of investment though is that there is no security for your money.

If the company you have invested into goes bankrupt you lose ALL of you money, including any ‘profits’ that you were holding on paper.

With New Nordic you can enjoy fixed returns of 10% per year but also have the peace of mind that your investment is secured. In a similar worst case scenario New Nordic went bankrupt you still own a property asset which you can then use, rent or sell.

So although you are investing into a company – New Nordic, on paper we sell you a condominium and then we lease it back from you for an agreed period of between 5 – 20 years. The rental return amount is equivalent to 10% per year of the value you paid for the property. At the end of the investment period there are a few options for the investor including selling your unit back to Nordic for the amount you originally paid for it.

So for nearly 8 years now we have been using this investment plan to help fund the construction of “New Nordic Village”. We now have over 2000 investors and everyone has been paid on time every month since we started.

Due to the success of the investment program and the progress of the company as a whole, confidence among our investors has also grown and now over 50% of new investment into the company is actually from previous existing investors.

Business Address : Australia Square Level 33, 264 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000,


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