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WARNING: Crossfire International selling fake Land Investments in Singapore.
We have been inundated with requests to give advice on how to recoup lost money on land banking plots sold to
Singaporeans by a company called Crossfire International Pte Ltd. company reg number: 200816828M. It is of
our opinion that land banking is not a real estate investment. It is speculative at best.

To quote the UK Crown
Prosecution Service it is “legalised fraud”. We cannot assist any members of the public to resell land banking
parcels. We did take a shallow search into the land that Crossfire International had sold. We estimated each land
parcel to be worth approximately five (5) GBP per parcel when taking into consideration the average acre land
value of the areas in question and the number of parcels per acre. Inbound enquiry seems to indicate that
Crossfire International have charged between 5,000 GBP to 15,000 GBP per parcel. We urge extreme caution in
dealing with these rouge organisations.

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