Can crowdfunding transform real estate brokerage in Southeast Asia?

I do not know about you, but as a millennial, the prospect of owning a property sounds a little daunting to say the least. From selecting the right property, the sizeable downpayment, the mortgage and the paperwork, it all seems strangely out of tune with the world we live in today. Perhaps that also has to do with the good...

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10 Best Asian Countries to Invest In

The business imperative of investing in Asia is not up for debate: more than half the world’s consumers reside within Asia. What’s more, Asian countries – particularly those of Southeast Asia – are bucking the global aging trend; while the average age of the U.S.’s and Europe’s populations continue to rise, Asia’s are young...

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Timber Plantations and Managed Investment Schemes

Timber plantations are sometimes incorrectly perceived to be the beneficiaries of ‘incentives’ or ‘subsidies’ through the Australian taxation system. Consequently, the tax treatment of plantation forestry is also sometimes incorrectly targeted as the direct cause of land use change associated with plantation...

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Investing in growing resorts

Whenever we invest, we want to invest in something that is on the up, not on the decline and this should pretty apparent. However, it is surprising how often people ‘miss the boat’ or start investing in something that has clearly ‘had its day’. Investment decisions should definitely be made by the head and not by the heart so...

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Northern Ireland Ghost Estate Purchased by the Housing Associate for £2.3m

One of Northern Ireland’s ghost estates has been completed and sold for £2.3m, just under 10 years after the property market crash, the developers have announced. Work on the Scotch Quarter in Carrickfergus started in 2008, but was abandoned after one year due to the recovery failure of the property market. Almost 10 years...

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