Australia’s property boom has already peaked, says UBS

Australian house prices and construction activity may have hit a peak, with investment bank UBS “calling the top” of the runaway market. “After housing activity rose consecutively for over four years, its longest ever boom, we are now calling the top and think that housing activity has already peaked,”...

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Foreigners not to blame for pricey Aussie homes: Report

SYDNEY • Just how much foreign money is contributing to rising property prices is a staple of dinner party conversations around the globe. Australians now have a near-official answer, and it is less than most would think. The Australian Treasury estimates that foreign demand for real estate increased prices in Sydney and...

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Smart Real Estate Australia

Special Featured Estate agent in Australia. Smart Real Estate is a unique independent boutique real estate agency on the Gold Coast. As our clients have grown, so have we, but at all times we remain aware of our core values and beliefs which started back in 2007, when our founder, Mr Brad Scott opened our first office in...

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Australia’s shrinking houses and apartments

Australians own the world’s biggest residential lots.  It’s a big country, and the size of Australians’ houses and apartments have long been a source of amazement in other, less lucky, countries. But soaring land and home prices in the “lucky country” have ushered in a new trend  – smaller-sized...

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Property Laws in Australia

The Australian Government (based in Canberra, Australia’s capital city) is aware of the fact that some of Australia’s citizens are cautious about foreign individuals or companies buying residential real estate (defined as all Australian real property, including vacant land). It wants to ensure that the foreign real estate...

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