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About Panama Title Company

Our services are fairly straight forward and simple. We either acquire our clients properties through direct purchase or direct shared participation. In most cases obtaining the maximum value at closing. Our team of global auction experts will guide and handle all the preliminaries of the transaction from start to finish.

There is a place and market looking for what our clients wish to liquidate. Our extensive international network of well positioned and funded clientele, allow us to achieve a maximum return on our acquisitions. Licensed and bonded across the globe, we take to market the premier properties that could never fetch top dollar in a depressed market. This positioning sets us apart from our competition.

Rental of Weeks

Panama Title Company market weeks primarily in Asia with travel wholesalers in Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan, where the strong purchasing markets are located. The inventory gets loaded on the Sabre travel network internal system to comply with member guidelines. This is the largest reservation and booking system worldwide. Loaded globally, the emphasis is put on Asia with language and local currency conversions.

If interested in renting your weeks, CONTACT US about a rental agreement form that we can fax or send via email. Generally money is received by electronic wire transfer thirty (30) days after the resort confirms our reservation with a reservation code.

Direct Purchase

Purchasing a property does not happen over night. There is a legal system to the conveyance of properties that must be followed. When selling your property please expect a minimum of 90 – 180 days until completion of the transfer.

Our parent company, based in the UK, specialize in worldwide acquisition and liquidation in timeshare vacation clubs that are sold at auctions globally. Our largest auction of the year being in China (Hong Kong).

Panama Title handles North American acquisitions of premier properties in Latin America, USA/Canada and Caribbean.


Panama Title Company

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