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Berlin, Frankfurt, Bavaria – Germany

germany-investment-Realty-AccessNest Hotels are budget boutique hotels in Germany, with ‘No Frills Chic’ as their motto. Designed for the budget-conscious traveller needing quality and efficient hotel accommodation with a touch of originality, charm and personality, and attractive pricing.

Nest Hotels are of a cool and futuristic design. Central to this is the state-of-the-art living space. The rooms are an innovation on traditional hotel accommodation designed to fulfil guests’ overnight needs at a very competitive price. Rooms come tastefully equipped with Plasma TV, Tea/Coffee facilities, Desk/Chair, Wi-Fi Internet Access and full “Wet Room” complete with Power Shower and WC. By careful design all of the above luxuries are “nestled” into an economical space, making Nest Hotels able to offer low cost luxury rooms to its guests.

The Investment:

Nest Hotels are chosen based on location, convenient to both the leisure and business traveller. This in order to attract the highest yield possible. The value of the rooms or the hotels, are determined on their occupation rate and the price achieved per night.

Exit strategy:

By achieving the highest yield in the market place per dollar invested, the hotels acquired will increase in value and should be well placed on the re-sale market.

This property is available in categories:

Premium Level
Executive Level

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